We are a team of realtors who specialize in helping clients find profitable real estate investments in the Twin Cities area. This includes single family, small multifamily (duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes) and commercial buildings.

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Our entire team invests, and we spend our days touring and looking for the perfect property for you. From start to beyond closing, we help our clients come up with a strategy that fits their goals, provide on-going education and networking opportunities plus make sure you have all the tools you need to be a successful landlord and investor.

Meet the Team

Scott & Drew Hoefler


Our interest in real estate started as young boys in Chicago. We remember taking walks through our southside neighborhood with our Dad as he pointed out various building styles and architectural details. We purchased our first duplex in 2013, living on one side, and renting the other side out.

Since then, we've built a portfolio of rental properties, and that passive income has led us to financial freedom. We've experienced the power of real estate investing first hand, and our purpose is to help other people experience lifestyle and financial freedom with real estate, as well. No matter where you're at, contact us to see how we can help you get started in real estate.

Alyssa Strom


My life and real estate intersected in 2014 when I got hooked on the idea of buying a duplex for my husband and I to live in while we made plans to travel. At that time I would have never guessed that one small decision would turn into a life-changing career path. Fast forward a few years, after learning from amazing mentors, house hacking a fourplex and getting my real estate license, I met Scott and Drew for coffee. As it turns out we all had a love for helping other people achieve financial freedom and be able to choose the life they want. Always remember, it’s never too late to get started!

Garrett Gordon


The man, the myth, the legend G-Man! Garrett will never write his own bio or brag about himself so I'll tell you a little about him. Garrett got into real estate after realizing he couldn't retire early as a golf pro. Starting with rentals in Colorado, Garrett got into real estate investing and property management and never looked back. Once back in Minnesota, he met Drew and Scott, started investing locally in real estate and quickly went from property manager to realtor. If you ask nicely, he'll still answer all your property management (and golf) related questions.

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