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Real Estate Investing: Buying a Liability vs. Investing in an Asset Mindset

Scott & Drew Hoefler


We're Scott and Drew Hoefler, and along with Alyssa Strom, we are Side by Side Realty, based out of Northeast Minneapolis.

Early in our life, we've been able to accomplish some of our life goals because we were introduced to the power of house hacking, owner occupying a multi family home, and using it as a stepping stone to build financial momentum.

We exist to help people reach lifestyle and financial freedom through real estate.

Here are some of the Key Benefits of Rental Real Estate:

  1. Ability to use Leverage (a Mortgage) as an Investment
  2. Passive Income Classification (rental income is not subject to self employment taxes)
  3. Depreciation Lowers Taxes
  4. Rentals React Differently than Equities, Bonds or Other Traded Financial Products (correlation)
  5. You get to provide housing for people
  6. Real estate tends to appreciate in value

But our passion is to help people get started in this potential life changing endeavor of Real Estate, particularly in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro region.

We'd love to connect with you about some of the creative ways we help anyone get started in rental real estate, but untill then, please follow us on this blog and watch our video below.

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